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#FlashbackFriday -- Kitchen and Bath Design Shop

Before our company matriarch, Val Bowman, officially worked for W.E. Bowman Construction Inc., she worked full-time as an independent design entrepreneur.

Lots of her work with her Kitchen and Bath Design Shop was as a subcontractor, many times working with W.E. Bowman Construction Inc. Her goal was to make the kitchen truly “a living space,” and not just a place for cooking. The kitchen and bath work she did was primarily residential, and at that time W.E. Bowman Construction Inc. was also residentially focused. Val did all the design work herself but enjoyed working together with subcontractors, cabinet vendors and their crews, as well as the home or business owners to create a product they were all proud of! Val started her company in 1989 ready to expand into the residential market and make customers happy.

Her favorite part of her job was satisfying the customer and--because of that--receiving referrals to work in close-by home and business environments. After transitioning her business into a part of W.E. Bowman Construction Inc. in the early 2010s, she had plans to retire. However, today she is a valuable team member at W.E. Bowman Construction Inc., and even though The Kitchen and Bath Design Shop is virtually dissolved, she is still leaving her mark on this company, our work, and all our team members.

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