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W. E. Bowman’s project portfolio includes restoration and preservation of historical buildings from as early as 1712, including the use of Historic Tax Credits.

Historical_Stewart-Lee House 1.jpg


W. E. Bowman’s healthcare portfolio consists of major hospital construction projects, from the highest patient risk areas, such as EP Labs, ICUs, and Oncology, to lower patient risk areas and behavioral health facilities.

Healthcare_Surgery _ Urology Clinics 1.j


W. E. Bowman partners with multiple Assisted Living facilities throughout Central Virginia, performing projects ranging from additions/ expansions, complete floor renovations, memory care security, renovations to quality of life areas, and simple room upfits.

Assisted Living_Senior Living Facility 1


W. E. Bowman Construction offers its customers building maintenance service using our talented, skilled mechanics to provide services, ranging from time and materials jobs to monthly inspections and small repairs/ renovations.

Service_Home for Ladies Courtyard 1.jpeg


With fifty years in business, we have accumulated a wide portfolio of real estate throughout Virginia. As contractors and real estate investors we bring a unique perspective and approach to build the best places to live, work, and enjoy life.

Development_Francisco Landing 1.JPG
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