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Houston, TX

W.E. Bowman Construction Inc.’s mission is to Build the Best Places to Live, Work, and Enjoy Life. With that, serving communities in our area, our state, and even our country, are unique opportunities that are important to us.

In August of 2017, Hurricane Harvey severely impacted Texas and Louisiana. This hurricane destroyed many homes, lives, families, and even work places. After seeing this devastation, our company knew we had a calling to help as their places to Live, Work, and Enjoy Life were destroyed. So, we collected a team and followed through with our mission statement.

In April of 2018, ten W.E. Bowman Construction Inc. team members--partnered with congregation members from West End Presbyterian Church--traveled down to Houston, Texas to serve their community. While we were down there, we had the privilege of completing plumbing work, patching drywall, cleaning up debris, installing flooring, repairing electrical outlets, and many more projects.

For our team, a day in Houston, Texas looked like waking up bright and early. We would then enjoy breakfast as a team, with time set aside for devotions. This “morning routine” helped us to be able to get our hearts and minds ready for the day while also creating unity within our team. Next, we would head out to our assigned project for the day. Each team member was assigned a group. By dividing up into groups, we were able to help more people in the eight days we were there.

Overall, during our time in Houston, our company was able to work on four different homes. This allowed us to be able to connect with different families who lost almost everything and bless them by repairing their living space. Another blessing was the fact that some of our team members who were fluent in Spanish were able to fully communicate with some families. Because of this special opportunity, we were able to donate supplies, encourage others, and grow as a team.

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