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Maintaining Safety, Security, and Infection Control in Reopening

Updated: May 20, 2020

For healthcare and other sensitive facilities, our adjustable and reusable Starc wall panels rapidly create an attractive, solid, and secure barrier that can achieve negative air. This prevents the migration of construction dust or contagions from from one area to another in a hospital, assisted living facility, or any other sensitive environments. Starc’s “temporary ICRA construction barriers” are good both for the environment and the health of the occupants because they are easily set up, cleaned, and re-deployed. In this new time of reopening, these Starc walls can be used in any facility to further levels of safety, security and sanitation.

Through the use of Starc Systems’ “Temporary Containment Walls,” we are “recognized as a leader in healthcare construction.” Check out this featured article for more info!

As businesses begin making the transition back into reopening for customers, we have these special Starc walls available for our clients. Contact us to see how these may be beneficial for your situation.

Article Citation: “ICRA Construction Barriers for Healthcare Renovations.” STARC Systems,

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