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Technologies That Keep Us Ahead

Innovation is one of W.E. Bowman Construction, Inc.’s core values. Incorporating new technologies [and innovative design] daily is a way that our company stays ahead of the curve. With that, being open to technological advancements and new software programs and resources are no exception.

Specifically one program we use is Procore (construction management software). Our team utilizes this software to keep tools, such as architectural drawings, daily work reports, photos of our projects, superintendent daily logs, and scheduled meetings online and accessible to the WEBC’s project team and the client. Procore provides the ability to access data in an intuitive way. It is a time saver and a major gain in efficiency for the Bowman team.

Procore manages our entire project for us and serves as the central data source for our daily operations. The Procore program is a conversational avenue between W.E. Bowman Construction Inc., the subcontractor, and the owner. Any subcontractor on one of our projects is required to use Procore software to communicate and log activity. Through managing plans, RFI’s, change orders, the contract, all supporting documents and communication, the Bowman team is able to stay organized and informed about all daily operations of existing projects.

Procore is a vital tool in providing documentation and accountability for all steps of our work and contact between the contractor, architect, the subcontractor, and the client.

This program is not only useful to our management team, but it also allows field staff to access the information they need for their daily work in Procore’s easy-to-use app.

The efficiency of this program allows management and field staff to access all the project data in the office and onsite with the click of a button. Due to the current global pandemic, Procore allows us to schedule and participate in Zoom meetings and streamline many other functions of operation into this one software.

This system ultimatley allows us to be more efficient in the work we are accomplishing.

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