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Weekly Team Zoom Meeting

One of the many ways in which we are responding to this Covid-19 pandemic is utilizing “Zoom” for weekly meetings. We hold these online meetings to connect all of our team members working from home, the office, and the field. We have also used that platform to conduct “Safety Stand-downs” for the AGC’s “essential workers COVID-19 awareness” initiative for all the construction trades. In these fifteen-minute weekly meetings we review general processes, update our team on our procedures and projects, and discuss safety. Some even call these weekly gatherings a “Company State of the Union.” The benefits of these “face-to-face” meetings include clarification of procedures, consistency, and even some encouragement as we all join together as a team.

What will your next Zoom gathering look like?


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W. E. Bowman Construction, Inc. is a Virginia Class “A” Contractor (2705 102622 A CBC, H/H, RBC).
We are SWaM certified and a proud member of the Associated General Contractors of Virginia.