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Developing “Francisco Landing”

W. E. Bowman Construction, Inc. finds opportunities in the most unusual situations. After one project fell through to build a restaurant in Hopewell, Virginia, we looked for other opportunities that have now become one of our company’s largest undertakings.

While searching for re-development projects in the downtown Hopewell area, Bowman leadership discovered an opportunity to develop land overlooking the Appomattox river. After much planning and community engagement, the idea has evolved from the initial vision to schematic plans and soon to construction.

“We have an endearment to Hopewell.”

Ed Bowman, President and Owner of W. E. Bowman, has personal reasons for developing Francisco Landing in Hopewell because his great, great, great, great, grandfather—Peter Francisco, a famous revolutionary war hero and Portuguese-born, American patriot—was left on the docks of Hopewell after being kidnapped at the age of 5 from his family in the Azore islands. Therefore, this new development will be titled in honor of his namesake: “Francisco Landing.”

“There is an opportunity to provide market rate housing…sufficient for firefighters, teachers, other public servants, or even doctors and nurses...We heard the need from the community.” --Ed Bowman

W.E. Bowman Construction has led the project from concept to re-zoning, design, pre-construction and soon groundbreaking for the apartment buildings, recreational features, and public access to the City Park.

Francisco Landing will include modern apartments, commercial spaces, public outdoor areas including an amphitheater, as enhancements to the existing waterfront park.

We are enthusiastic to see Francisco Landing become an integral part of the revitalization of downtown Hopewell.

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